How to help employees to get started with Performance Management

Posted on October 27, 2015 at 13:14 PM

You'll want your line managers and managers to embrace your performance appraisal system. But their getting started needn't be daunting - if you have the right tools to support you.

Through our work with clients, we have explored a range of performance management cycles and processes and know that simple email reminders just aren't enough. 

As a performance cycle is worked through over time, employees and managers are asked to do different things. For example, they may be asked to set objectives, to carry out an interim review, to review development and so on.

Imagine if you could stick a sticky note on everyone's screen that encourages them to do the things you need them to do. It supports efforts to engage people with on-going appraisal conversations - and helps you when you're getting started with performance management.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done in our cloud-based performance management software

To show you just how this looks, take a look at our Getting Started with Performance Management video. 

Video - Getting started with Performance Management  using Talent Performance

In the video, you’ll be able to see how the sticky note appears on the screen of the employee and how you, as the Administrator of the system, control what appears. The analytics we put at your disposal will tell you if people are actually doing what you ask.

It’s just one example of how our software tools are designed to engage people and encourage a more continuous performance process, rather than simply capture data and fill in forms.

Video - Getting started with Performance Management  using Talent Performance

You may like to hear how Munoz has introduced Talent Performance - and when you are ready. do get in touch with us.

Hear how Muñoz has implemented Talent Performance


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