Will the trends in talent management of 2015 play out in 2016?

Posted on January 04, 2016 at 08:00 AM

Before we start with the talent management predictions of 2016, let's take a moment to look back at 2015 and the 5 core trends in talent management we witnessed.

  1. Expectations of a Talent system's accessibility, interface and experience rose dramatically. Employees and managers expected to be able to access data and information anywhere and at any time - whether this was on their smartphone, tablet or desktop - and be presented with a workflow and visual design which reflects their usage of other applications.  The development and release of our mobile Talent Cloud system was a step change in talent management software. With this, employees and managers can now complete 360 assessments, engage in performance reviews and access their succession planning at any time, using an exciting and responsive interface from any device.

  2. The talented employee was demanding a new way of working. We have witnessed the talented individual acting more like a 'consumer' choosing with whom he or she works, challenging the traditional relationship with the employer and demanding a more tailored value proposition. As such talent management strategies and activities were being critically reviewed. This 'consumerisation of talent' will, we believe, feature strongly in 2016.

  3. The succession planning of yesteryear no longer meets the needs of today's organisation: it must adapt to the new model of talent management.
    The shift in how talented people view and manage their career has driven organisations to change their succession planning strategies. Professor Nick Kemsley talked of this in two videos - and you can watch them here. 
    Video 1 -  A new model for Succession PlanningVideo 2  A new model for Succession Planning
  4. The value of successful paper-based performance review was recognised and built upon.
    No longer are good paper-based performance processes thrown away when businesses move online. We help take the best elements of your paper-based processes and transfer these to our online system.

  5. Traditional performance ratings were challenged: a move away from annual one-off ratings towards better continuous performance management conversations.
    The line manager wants the easy-to-use tools and the support to become confident in managing these conversations. The employee needs ways to gather feedback and track objectives in real-time. The HR decision-maker requires an online system which monitors objective setting, engagement and alignment with the business. You can read about this trend in our article below.Why the move to  Continuous Performance Management
Will these trends continue?
We believe so. 

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