Performance reviewing Gen y, Gen Z and the career consumer

Posted on February 05, 2016 at 13:59 PM

We've seen the rise of the so-called 'career consumer' who is perhaps more demanding in terms of their workplace development. As such, managing their performance can be a challenge. We believe that by changing managers’ and employees’ approach to performance management can make a difference.

This view was shared with Personnel Management and forms the basis of an article by Cath Everett.

We think that as employees adopt the behaviours of a 'consumer', more meaningful two-way conversations need to take place between line manager and team member. The Performance Management meeting is no longer a place where managers simply dole out ratings, but shifts to be a two-way discussion - and this requires a cultural shift for the line manager, the employee - and the HR team.

And if there are better on-going continuous performance management conversations happening, then the improvements to ratings will follow.

There's also the fact that if HR professionals can successfully encourage employees to take more responsibility for the performance appraisal process, more HR time is freed up to focus on more strategic activities and less performance admin.

Read the full Personnel Management article which was published on 4 February 2016, to hear our thoughts on how to go about this.

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