Is your standalone LMS isolating L&D? Using 360 alongside LMS

Posted on July 14, 2016 at 17:31 PM

A standalone Learning Management System or LMS, is a great way to plan, implement, and track what training or learning is being done and by whom. It manages the progress and stores the completion. But is it enough?

How do you decide what training or learning or development is needed by an individual in the first place? If you’re using a standalone LMS, how can you be sure that the content you are offering to specific people is actually what they need?

This is where high quality online 360 tools come into their own.

Pinpoint the development needed

We’ve heard from clients how, despite the breadth and depth of their LMS, the same L&D interventions are used time and time again. How do you know that this is the training your people, and the business, actually need?

Using an online 360 degree feedback assessment, you can make sure that the areas of development need which are flagged up by direct reports, peers, managers or customers are signposting exactly the development resource that needs to be accessed. If you use 360 alongside LMS, think of the more efficient use of training resources and the benefits to employees as they witness the commitment to their individualised development.

Spot high potential

Relying solely on manager ratings of a person is dangerous. Are they the only people who can judge the potential capability of a person for progressing on to a leadership role? Of course not. So make sure you take into account the views of peers and direct reports.

A 360 such as our Talent 360 offers a ‘high potential’ indicator so you can see clearly those who have the potential to be the leaders of the future – and who will benefit from specific L&D programmes.

Why wouldn’t you be using a 360 alongside LMS?

If you want to learn more about how you can integrate 360 and LMS, so that the development plan made for your people are actioned with the best fit specific learning intervention, then why not take a look now at Talent 360 in this short 2 minute video. 

And if you'd like to know more then do get in touch.

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