5 essentials for small businesses using 360 degree feedback

Posted on November 09, 2017 at 10:04 AM


Getting started with talent management

 Are you thinking about introducing 360 reviews but don't know where to begin?

If so, you're like the many other businesses with a strong understanding of the value of 360 but with limited resources - and you're  probably not really sure of the essential steps to take.

Our e-book can help.


Perhaps you're overwhelmed by the abundance of 'best practice', the so-called necessity to design something specific for your business and the need for technical know-how with software to install and to get to grips with.

You are not alone. And that's why we developed an e-book which outlines very clearly how to get started with 360 degree feedback and with other areas of talent management. It provides practical ideas about the things to do. Specifically it:

  • Outlines the 5 essential areas on which to focus
  • Offers tips on how to get buy-in with your employees, leadership team and how to deal with any of the common 'emotional' objections
  • Suggests that you start with a small group as an initial pilot to both learn what to do, and use as champions in the business
  • Helps you set ground rules up front - giving you the words and rationale for how the reviews are to be used
  • Highlights what to look for when deciding on the questionnaire itself - be it the time it takes to complete, the competencies to be measured, the rating scales to be used or the specific words to avoid.
  • Offers suggestions as to how to prepare employees to take part whether as a participant of the 360 (the person being reviewed) or those who are reviewing - and the words to use (and avoid!)

This e-book will give you the perfect route map to get started not just with 360 reviews but also continuous performance management, succession planning and employee engagement.

Free e-book! Getting started with Talent Management - 

If you are keen to get started you may want to take a look at our Talent Cloud for SMEs service;

  • three entry Plans of cloud-based software to to choose from - but for you to add to as you wish.
  • designed and managed by us by our UK-based support team - and we even upload your employee details for you.
  • a clear per month, per employee fee so you know exactly what you are paying for and can budget accordingly and there are no hidden costs. 

We have an online Calculator with which you can try out different package plan scenarios - so you can take a look at the price for what you need for your business. We suspect it's far less than you think!

Access the Calculator here - and then get in touch.



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