Talent Management software: too tricky for smaller businesses?

Posted on August 20, 2018 at 13:21 PM

talent management for SMEsIf you’re a company with less than 400 employees, you may think you just don’t have the time - or the resource - for ‘Talent Management’.

Or you may think that Talent Management is only for bigger companies than yours.

You need to think again.

Your employees still have the same desire to be engaged with your company, the same need to know what is expected of them and to develop and the same hope to have a career with your business.

It’s true, you probably don’t need the enterprise wide systems that you may have heard of. They’re likely to be too cumbersome and offer too much detail for what you need. And you may have thought about using one of the more standalone systems on the market; one that offers a performance appraisal system or a package that surveys employee engagement, or a website that carries out 360 degree feedback. But using a combination of these systems will mean that you’re likely to face (at least three!) challenges.

  • Lack of cohesion. You – and your employees – end up accessing different systems with different logins, with a different look and feel and there being no integration or sharing of data between the systems.
  • Budget and payment. Purchasing different systems from different vendors will mean that you have different licences to pay at different times of the year making it hard to get a clear view of what you are paying per person.
  • You need to know your technology. You’re likely to have to manage the software yourself, learn what to do and when, and troubleshoot your employees’ questions.

Of course the solution is obvious; buy a single talent management system that:

  1. Has been designed to focus on the ‘essentials’ of talent management and add in (and charge for) the ‘nice to haves’ only when you are ready;
  2. Integrates your employee information across all the modules;
  3. Gives you a branded web portal for your employees to access everything they need with one log in;
  4. Gives you a clear oversight of the information that is relevant at the touch of a button;
  5. Takes the hassle away from you in terms of getting you up and running. You’ll need a vendor that will upload the employee information, set up the system and the timeline for you – and experienced in how to guide you as you navigate GDPR requirements.
  6. Does not require you to install any software – and yet you are totally confident in the security around the software and your data.
  7. Gives you a price per employee, per month – based on what you need to use right now.

Our Talent Cloud for SMEs offers all this.

You can learn more about it on our website – and you can also click through to calculate a price specific to your business' situation. And, if you want to see it in action, let us know and we can arrange a demo. 

 Yes, please get in touch  I'd like to learn more about  Talent Cloud for SMEs

When you're ready to look at talent management software to support you as you take your employees forward, use the 7 points above to benchmark your chosen approach.

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