What goes into a Succession Planning Template?

Posted on November 21, 2018 at 13:59 PM

succession planning templateWe have seen many different approaches to succession planning. Some work, some need a little refinement. But one thing is clear, without getting the succession planning template in place and built into cloud-based succession planning software, it becomes an impossible task to interrogate the data you have and present it as you need it. 

At the most basic level, nearly all succession planning templates we come across include elements or judgements of:

  • geographic mobility (i.e. the desire or availability to work in a different location);
  • functional mobility;
  • flight risk and;
  • potential and performance.

These are quite standard and perhaps already in place within your current template.

Building on this basic and essential information, we know that other businesses add in some form of narrative around:

  • Career aspirations;
  • Individual strengths and weaknesses;
  • Competence scores.

The more advanced or evolved succession planning templates also include:

  • An open career conversation between manager and individual.
  • That ability for the individual to put him or herself forward for specific future roles as well as the manager doing this;
  • An assessment of a ‘talent category’ (often associated with a 9 box grid).

The reality is, of course, if the succession planning tool or template does not capture and include the talent data that you want to analyse as part of your succession planning, then you simply won't be able to search on this.

You may also what to check out and make sure that you succession planning software includes some form of Talent Finder that enables you to search at the touch of the button for possible successors to a role. Take a look at this quick demo now.

succession planning software

You may like to read more about how to introduce succession planning.  If you want to read further, request our eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Succession Planning.  

When you're ready to talk about how we could support your succession plan strategy and designing the succession planning template that is right for your organisation - or just to see some succession planning examples, do get it touch.

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