What is Employee Feedback?

Posted on December 10, 2019 at 10:02 AM

In our daily lives feedback is becoming more common place. Social Media ‘comments’, ‘shares’, ‘reviews’ and ‘recommendations’ provide insight, reinforcement and social proof. Feedback on websites such as Which?, TripAdvisor, Just Eat, Amazon and eBay provide valuable data to help consumers make informed buying decisions. With this context in mind, it is no surprise that the desire for rich information can be seen to be migrating into the workplace. This article explores the value of feedback and how it should be integrated for business success.

What do we mean by employee feedback?

Engaging employee talents, knowledge, opinions and passions is crucial for business success as ultimately employees will be the drivers of business improvement and growth. Gathering and acting upon employee feedback is a fundamental part of this process and if done well provides robust data to ensure impactful business decisions are taken to drive positive change.

Successful integration of feedback into an organisation is not just process thinking but a cultural shift. A safe, open, transparent environment for honest feedback, both positive and negative will be essential. Feedback should be accepted as part of everyday life within the organisation, for example is it a daily or weekly engagement? If the conversations are viewed as an ‘occasion’ or a formal meeting, the power of the authenticity of feedback can be lost.

It should also be a holistic process of feedback where it could include 121 Management conversations, ideally a 360 performance management process, organisation wide employee satisfaction surveys and ultimately review organisational performance. All these sources combined provide a rich picture of the performance and potential for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole.

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