Getting started with 360 degree feedback at Ovo Energy

Posted on October 12, 2012 at 16:16 PM

Ovo Energy has begun its journey with 360.

As an independent and innovative gas and electricity supplier which places the customer - and customer service - very much at the centre of its business.

Ovo was founded on the desire to build an energy business which did things better than the other energy companies. The founder, Steven Fitzpatrick, was so fed up with existing suppliers, their complicated expensive tariffs and poor service, he decided to start his own. Ovo was born, giving consumers cheaper, greener and simpler energy.

“Each of the 140 or so employees plays a vital role in the company and as such we wanted to ensure that everyone understood what is expected and how we are individually performing against the goals. We introduced the Talent 360® tool and our first 360 appraisal process took place in December 2011. We have just completed the second of our planned six-monthly reviews using the on-line system and are pleased with the positive feedback across the business.” comments Heather Andrews, HR Manager.

Ovo has introduced different questionnaires for different levels and job roles, ‘cloning’ and adapting them as needed. Jessica Cowper in the HR team has been responsible for the implementation and administration of Talent 360® and has found this straightforward to do: “Initially, I needed help from Head Light to find the best way around the system for the functionality we wanted to use. I’ve found working with them easy and the support after we started to implement the system has been good, as they are always available and always take the time to talk through or show me what to do.”

Take a look to learn more about Talent 360.

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