Police Talent® User Group publishes its 360 Good Practice Guide

Posted on November 14, 2013 at 09:57 AM

Achieving ‘Good Practice’ is the aim of all 360 degree feedback users - but all too often, our resources are limited and challenges we face bear little resemblance to the ‘best practice’ we read about.

Our Police Talent User Group meets twice a year and brings together representatives of all the police forces using our Talent Management software.  Chaired by Alison Sercombe from Thames Valley Police, the discussion is between the members of the group with Head Light having a facilitative and supportive role.

Sharing experiences, challenges and solutions, the Group decided to draw this learning together and to develop its own Good Practice Guide specifically looking at the use of 360 degree feedback within police forces - and are delighted to now have released this for all User Group members to use.  It is an evolving set of principles which will be refined, adapted and amended as working practices develop and review situations change.

If you are ready to explore 360 degree feedback , please contact us.

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