Head light puts feedback in the spotlight with new innovations for digitising HR

Posted on November 29, 2019 at 09:52 AM

While Christmas is all about client entertaining and staff parties, it’s also the season for HR to be setting priorities for further digitisation and culture developments for next year.  The release of Talent® Version 8.10, from Head Light, a leading talent management software and consulting firm helps make this easier and more effective.

With over 200 updates in Talent® Version 8.10, including those key UI updates, customer requests, there’s also the addition of a comprehensive online feedback centre that managers and users can use to obtain feedback about their achievements and progress with their development.  With organisations softening their approaches to ratings, regular meaningful feedback is important to ensure that people know where they stand – this is crucial for those more recent additions to the workforce.

Ian Lee-Emery, Head-Light Founder, says, “We know from our customers how important it is to give feedback in a considered, sustained, well balanced way that is beneficial to all, and this is where our new updates come into play. While people want to know how they are doing, pen and paper approaches are no longer viable, so if you want to retain and nurture teams, digital systems that integrate fair, constructive feedback have to be part of your HR mix.

To help with those vital, but often tricky, 360-degree feedback sessions, the ‘Coach Notes’ feature includes an innovative way for coaches to engage before their meeting with the individual.  A coach can now review the report and add in their own personal comments, insight and suggestions in the report before they meet the employee, and then embed any follow up actions in the report itself. 

He adds, “Having worked in this sector for many years, and feedback being at the heart of what we do, we know that the way key information is delivered is changing and that people need more reassurance and support than ever. Our aim is to create robust systems that allow quality feedback to be collated, and then delivered in the right way so that organisations have happy, incentivised, committed staff that they retain year after year.”

For more details go to head-light.co.uk


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