Latest release of Talent Cloud® enables HR to drive and direct more purposeful conversations, enable more regular reviews and gather performance feedback

Posted on May 24, 2019 at 10:21 AM

The case for the transition to continuous performance management has already been made. The challenge for organisations now, is how they to make this move and how they support managers and employees to have more regular check-ins and performance conversations.

“Much of the appraisal software on the market, whilst promoted as supporting continuous performance management, does not, in reality, allow the flexibility necessary to do this. Perhaps it still fixes the check-in meetings at specific points in time, or only a certain number of times a year.

Either way, that doesn’t embrace the agile way in which we hear that businesses are looking to have their managers and team members keep updated,” said Ian Lee-Emery, founder and Chief Executive of Head Light.

“This has changed. Our latest release of our software includes the capability for managers and employees to set up and log a number of different types of quick catch-up meetings whenever they wish to. It means that the software can capture conversations and actions whenever they take place. It also lets you gather quick feedback from others so employees get the instant feedback they’re often looking for.”

All subscribers to the Performance management component within Talent Cloud® will have access the new features.  This release also includes updates to the other modules such as 360, Succession Planning, and Employee Engagement.


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