Using kudos to augment wellbeing

Some people seem to be naturally good at showing their appreciation of others for a job well done. For others, it may not cross their mind. And yet, workplace recognition and appreciation are becoming increasingly important. Can your talent platform help in this?…

Care for some kudos?

Anyone who has sought to improve their fitness, trained to run a marathon, cycled from London to Brighton or gone from 'Couch to 5k' is likely to have experienced the boost that recognition from fellow athletes can provide. In the workplace, that recognition from peers and colleagues can be equally valuable.…

Workplace wellbeing: Is it enough of a Priority?

Workplace wellbeing. We all value it, want it and strive to achieve it. But as managers, are we prioritising it enough in the workplace? How can we make wellbeing a focus of our everyday conversations and actions with our team?…

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