The real value of 360 degree feedback: the feedback session

Taking part in a 360 review can have immense benefits for a specific employee – and his or her manager, the wider team and the business. But the most valuable part of the ‘process’ (feeding back 360 and taking action) can be the part that's taken for granted or doesn’t get the focus and planning it needs to really get the most from it.…

How to make succession planning more effective

We have a question for you. Are you starting 2017 with robust succession plans in place for your critical posts, high potentials and high impact performers? If not, is it time to look at how to make succession planning more effective in your organisation?…

Time to re-visit your Talent Management approach?

A New Year always comes with a plan. Typically it will include a raft of things that need to be achieved in the coming year but also has some of those 'where-to-start?' projects that you know are important but in reality you don’t really know how to take the first step of wary that it'll consume too much time! Your Talent Management approach may be one of those such projects.…

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