Tricky succession planning questions to answer

Questions asked by senior managers about succession risk and ultimately business risk are not always as simple, quick or straightforward to answer as you would think they would be.…

What to consider when introducing 360 for the first time

Whether you are introducing 360 degree feedback for the first time in your organisation or updating a current 360 process, investing effort to get buy-in and support from stakeholders leads to stronger engagement from the important line manager population. So, spend the time to identify these key stakeholders, explain the process, and outline the outcomes and impact on the business. Here are the 8 things to think about when introducing 360 degree feedback for the first time.…

Help managers to have career conversations

It can be tricky for managers to have career conversations with their teams about progression in the organisation. We hear from our clients that often managers know that they need and indeed many want to do this – but they just don’t have the data or information to feel prepared for this. They’re left trying to build a conversation with very little support.…

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