Talent Management software: too tricky for smaller businesses?

If you’re a company with less than 400 employees, you may think you just don’t have the time - or the resource - for ‘Talent Management’. Or you may think that Talent Management is only for bigger companies than yours. You need to think again.…

How to identify critical positions for succession planning

Succession Planning is not just about the people leaving the business and those coming up through the organisation. You need a clear understanding about which are the critical roles for which you need a successor in place. But how do you determine those critical positions?…

What is Continuous Performance Management?

There can be few employees or managers who are surprised that the annual appraisal approach is itself under review. Business objectives change throughout the year, and employees need to adapt to new goals and new directions. The move towards Continuous Performance Management is long overdue - and its principles are being adopted by companies large and small. But what is Continuous Performance Management?…

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