7 benefits of moving 360 reviews on-line

Posted on May 01, 2013 at 10:10 AM

Want to know what the key benefits to moving to on-line 360 as highlighted in our recent survey? 

Some are obvious, some less so.  Read on.

  1. Reduction in administration time 77% of organisations in our recent survey have observed this time saving. It seems that some of this time is 're-invested'.
  2. More time spent on development planning 46% of survey respondents signal that they now spend more time on development planning.
  3. Better individual understanding of own strengths and development areas 91% have found this to be the case showing the improvement since going on-line.
  4. Greater commitment to the development plan 73% reported that their people were more committed to their individual development plan after moving on-line.
  5. Easier comparison of people across departments and the organisation with 55% commenting that this is easier since going on-line.
  6. Faster analytics 60% of respondents say that the analytics are faster with the on-line system.
  7. Spotting of those with high potential made easier 57% comment that is it easier to now identify those employees with high potential.

If you’d like to know more about our research or are looking to see how moving on-line with your performance review can bring these benefits by using our Talent 360 tool, do contact us.

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