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Posted on December 01, 2016 at 08:48 AM

2Webinar 9 Dec.jpgTransform your HR role; make the move to a more agile
Performance Management approach 

Two questions for you:

How do you see your HR role when it comes to your organisation’s performance management process?  

How do your line managers, and employees see your contribution?

 All too often the performance management process in an organisation is seen as a tick-box, got-to-get-through ‘chore’ – and those managing the process, are pushed into the role of chasing completion rates, acting as helpdesk for questions about the form and seen as ‘policing’ the process.

But why is this? And, is this really how you see yourself and what you want to contribute?

It’s a pretty unsatisfactory place to be for many HR people. Even designing the initial performance form and ‘paperwork’ is a long drawn out, internally focused, often ‘political’ exercise. You may well have clear, business-improving intentions but end up with a form which crams in many different aspects  which are not necessarily what is needed for the review itself. And whilst there are strong messages to be communicated, they get lost in the detail of timings and deadlines.

But it can be such a different experience.  And HR can transform the role it plays in performance review.

And we're hosting a webinar to look at this. To know more details about this, do get in touch.Get in touch

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