Continuous Performance Management

Training course to help managers have better performance conversations

Training course to equip your managers to have better performance conversations as part of continuous performance management.

Having better performance management conversationsWe think that the overriding focus of line management training as far as talent management is concerned should simply be on having better performance conversations.  

There are different sorts of conversations that should take place between managers and team members from regular 1-2-1s, catchups or checkins to more substantive six monthly or annual reviews, as businesses transition to models of continuous performance management.

Today’s leaders need to become far better skilled at having more effective performance conversations with their direct reports in order to better challenge people’s thinking, increase creativity and encourage ownership and personal accountability, much more akin to skills traditionally associated with coaching.

Those career conversations should focus on:

  • how people are performing,
  • setting specific goals,
  • encouraging and nurturing potential,
  • enabling personal career planning and
  • addressing challenging or sensitive issues.

So, how do you equip your managers for these important and ongoing career conversations?

We’ve designed a training course to help managers develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in having better performance conversations. The course, called Talent Management for Managers, introduces managers to the theory behind talent management and crucially how it relates to their role, giving managers practical help on how to manage talent better, grow and retain talent and plan for future talent needs in their teams.

So, when you're ready to better equip your managers for those important performance conversations, get in touch.

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