Logicalis: competency framework case study

Posted on February 28, 2020 at 14:49 PM

Logicalis Case Study

Logicalis needed to develop a single, firm-wide competency framework which would support its talent management activities. Developing this framework, has given Logicalis:

  • A way to support its managers in having difficult performance conversations.
  • Clarity for its employees about the behaviours needed for their current role – and for future, aspirational roles.
  • A single common framework which can be used across all talent activities enabling smaller, less established HR teams to access and benefit from more mature HR thinking and practice.
  • A common competency language for all parts of the business, helping to promote mobility.

Read the abridged Logicalis case study exploring how it developed and implemented its competency framework. A longer version of this case study is available - contact us to obtain a copy.

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