Introducing 360 at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Read how South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue implemented 360-degree feedback to support its development and meet the recommendations of the HMICFRS report.


South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue strives to create the culture, values, behaviours and leadership associated with an inclusive and respected service.

As part of this, and accelerated by the HMICFRS Report into the values and culture within fire and rescue services, it introduced 360-degree feedback across its leaders and managers. 

The timeline outlined in the HMICFRS Report for the deployment of 360 was tight.

The team at South Yorkshire knew that they needed a validated and robust 360 questionnaire, that was relevant to a fire and rescue service and supported by a supplier experienced in the IT roll-out, process management and training of in-house feedback facilitators.

Head Light and its Fire 360 were selected.

Working with Head Light, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue:

  • Gained access to the Fire 360, an easy-to-complete 360 tool designed specifically for fire and rescue services with different questionnaires to ensure relevance to all participants. 
  • Supported a culture of feedback for development.
  • Built an internal pool of 360 feedback facilitators to guide participants through their results, report and nexts steps.
  • Accessed the experience of Head Light's business psychologists to feedback to the senior leadership to bring an external and independent perspective. 
  • Emphasised that 360 supports development - rather than an indicator of poor performance.

Chris Marwood, People Partner at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue comments: "360 might not have been on our task list for the year initially, but we have made huge strides. We now have a positive and sustainable 360 programme. The support from Head Light has been a critical success factor in this."

Read the case study to learn how South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue is on the journey to cultural change supported by Head Light's Fire 360. 

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