Tools to Enable and Encourage Feedback in Continuous Performance Management

Assuming your organisation’s Continuous Performance Management strategy is underway, how do you know you’re on track and how are you recording those conversations and interactions in your organisation? Talent Performance has in-built tools to help you, help your employees and to enable and encourage giving feedback on performance.

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The benefits of Continuous Performance Management are now well documented, with the pursuit of higher engagement and productivity levels and greater employee retention levels being the ultimate goals.

Assuming your organisation’s Continuous Performance Management strategy is underway, how do you know you’re on track and how are you recording those conversations and interactions in your organisation?

Consultation with and feedback from clients and others has shaped our software so that it has a range of practical tools to support both the process and reporting of managing performance. Here is a quick summary of our tools to enable and encourage feedback in Continuous Performance Management.



Our check-ins tool is a simple and easy way to record interactions between managers and direct reports. It’s fully customisable, allowing you to set up different templates for specific types of conversations, such as regular 1-2-1’s or career development related catchups. These templates can be prepopulated with questions, prompts or key areas to help structure and guide each type of conversation.

Having more regular check-ins will help to establish trust and build better relationships between managers and direct reports, which will lead to richer more authentic feedback being recorded as things happen. Having templates can build in opportunities for growth and closing skills gaps so these can be acted on in a timelier way which in turn will help to foster greater engagement and loyalty from your teams.

Feedback Centre


With Continuous Performance Management embracing more agile approaches to recording feedback, our Feedback Centre enables people to give or seek feedback at any time. Requests to give or receive feedback are summarised in the Feedback Centre, enabling quick and easy responses to be given from within the tool.

It’s customisable so you can give or request feedback for specific objectives, development goals, or simply for general feedback. Moreover, you can provide prompts to guide feedback givers into structuring their feedback for others so it’s more purposeful and specific. This more informal and fluid feedback tool helps to encourage an open organisational culture where people feel happier to give and receive feedback on an ongoing basis.

Coach Notes


Within our complementary suite of talent management tools you can incorporate the results of a separate 360 review programme into your performance review rather than setting up a separate questionnaire to form part of the performance management process.

One of the features of our Talent 360 tool is to aid the coach-mentee process by developing a reporting tool for coaches to review and record feedback in a 360 report before they meet with mentees face to face. Adding personal comments, insights and suggestions ahead of meeting can help to ensure both parties are better prepared to have more meaningful face to face interactions ahead of closing off and finalising personal 360 reports.

Managing and Monitoring Feedback


Giving people the tools to give and receive feedback only goes so far in Continuous Performance Management. One of the great benefits of cloud-based software like Talent Performance is its powerful inbuilt analytics tools. We’ve developed a library of analytics tools designed to show progress which can be used to send email reminders inviting people to update their objectives and development goals or check-ins.

CPM Index


And we’ve gone a step further. With our Continuous Performance Management Index – or CPM Index for short – it’s possible to monitor how engaged people are in the process and how well you’re progressing in real-time, so you can use our monitoring and feedback tools to help keep moving forwards towards achieving your organisation’s goals.

In short, what we’ve created is a highly flexible, continuous feedback system that supports any organisation looking to move to a more continuous performance management approach. Learn how to make the transition.

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