Northants Police - implementing an engaging new PDR system

A case study from Northamtonshire Police about how they implemented an engaging new PDR system and achieved higher than ever PDR engagement rates.


Northampton Police wanted to design, develop and deploy a standard, Force-wide PDR process making use of Head Light’s Talent Performance software. An effective roll-out, communications and support programme led to unprecedented PDR engagement figures in the first three months of release.

Northamptonshire Police started by setting up a cross-functional working group to capture feedback and comment from across the Force. The aim was to ensure that engagement, understanding and buy-in was nurtured from the get-go.

The team set up a pilot study involving the IT department helped to form strong links with those working with the technology and put in place a comms, roll-out and training programme. Support too came from the unplanned; videos from users and comments posted on social media.

In developing and launching the new PDR across the Force, Northamptonshire Police has:

  • Achieved higher than ever PDR engagement rates.
  • Engaged the internal IT team with the project from the outset, helping to plan a phased roll-out.
  • Prompted further discussion about how to introduce development actions alongside the PDR.
  • Proved the value of a cross-functional working group to gain support and advocates.
  • Made use of advocates across the Force.

Read the abridged case study exploring how Northamptonshire Police set about designing and deploying a new approach to PDR. A longer version of this case study is available - contact us to obtain a copy.

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